The Transwest Team
The Transwest Team
Jun 23, 2017

Cimarron trailers have an aircraft grade aluminum mainframe that is full length along with the entire trailer, floor, and nose. This makes the gooseneck structure an integral part of the trailer. The entire mainframe to flooring joints is mig-welded on the top and bottom to give you the ultimate in strength and durability. This design creates a stronger more durable frame.

Cimarron trailer roofs are made with 1/2” thick fiberglass and reinforced structural panels with a R3 thermal value for the ultimate in temperature control, quietness and strength. Because it is a thermal barrier, the summer heat does not radiate through the roof and increase the interior temperature.

Cimarron side walls are framed with 2”x1 3/8” x 1/8” aluminum rectangular tubing, creating a side wall assembly 60% stronger than any side wall framed with the more common 2 ½”x1” tubing. This maximizes strength while maintaining the same weight.

Cimarron’s door frame design is unmatched for strength and durability. A tubular aluminum extrusion 1 11/16” thick x 6 5/8” wide spans the complete perimeter of all doors. With built-in pockets for paddle latch, inset weather-stripping lip, and self-aligning hinges

Cimarron trailers have fold down safety bar grills, perimeter framed with 1”x1”x.125” aluminum square tubing. Vertical rungs are 1 ½” x 3/16” aluminum flat bar, for added strength. Slide brackets are machined to ensure function and fit. Plastic end caps finish the slide bracket ends and provide protection for horses too. Safety grills are completed with nylon acorn nuts so they glide freely and to minimize noise.

Cimarron trailers have 2” radius rear corners that create the look of a very expensive trailer, while at the same time benefiting from the added strength of an arch. No sharp corners for horses or people either, inside or out, because we also rounded the inside corners allowing for a smooth 1” radius inside frame, sides, and top.

Cimarron all aluminum trailers utilize a special lower rear cross member extrusion. This structural feature is 6 ¼” tall x 3 ½” wide x 3/16” thick. Designed for strength and versatility, this extrusion tongue and grooves into the floor extrusion across the full width of the trailer has a special lip for the rubber bumper to mount onto and has a full-width rear skid flange on the bottom to hold up in the event of bottoming out.

Cimarron has rolled rocker panels or full-length running boards available on all models. Rolled rocker panels cover up all those unsightly structural fasteners along the bottom rail and around the gooseneck structure as seen on the competition’s trailers.

Cimarron door hinges consist of a 3/16” thick walled aluminum extrusion stock with pressed in aluminum caps, 3/8” diameter 304 stainless steel hinge pins, with stainless steel washer between upper & lower half to eliminate wear. Welded into place onto self-aligning door jamb/frame, no mechanical fasteners to loosen and wear out. On all full height doors we use at least, four hinges, for longer life and to prevent long term sagging.

Cimarron uses stainless steel hardware and fasteners, wherever possible. Stainless steel bolts, hinge pins, divider latches, door hold-backs, and ramp springs, are maintenance free and have absolutely no rust.

Cimarron uses electrical wiring that is color-coded and runs overhead, encapsulated in the top roof rail. Cimarron uses 14-gauge heavy-duty wiring connected with corrosion resistant silicone gel wire clips, 10-gauge wiring for auxiliary lights and for brakes.

Cimarron windows feature tinted automotive tempered safety glass, insect screens, black extruded aluminum frames, and aluminum bar grills in the stall area.

Greater durability and longer life expectancy is the bottom line benefit.

Let Transwest help you find the perfect Cimarron Trailer to fit your needs!

2017 Cimarron Norstar Trailer - Transwest Truck Trailer RV 800-909-7071Kristy from Great Bend, KS was looking for a run around bumper pull for local events. She already owned a Cimarron living quarters, and knew she wanted the bumper pull to be a Cimarron as well. This 2017 Cimarron 3 horse checked all the boxes. It’s equipped with a swing out saddle rack, hay rack, and is extra tall/extra wide.

2017 Cimarron Showstar - Transwest Truck Trailer RV 800-909-7071

The Foley Family from Cheyenne, WY is completely sold on Cimarron’s. This is their second Cimarron Showstar they’ve purchased from Transwest. They show hogs and have recently gotten into showing calves as well. This 2017 Cimarron Showstar fits their needs perfectly but they’re already thinking about what they want to build for the next Cimarron.



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