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Hog Trailers

Transwest offers the best in hog trailers and parts to safely and conveniently contain your animals, no matter the length of your trip.

Transwest carries only the highest quality Hog Trailers

We are proud to distribute a full line of hog trailer parts and accessories plus services and repairs to keep your trailer on the road. Check out the best Hog Trailers from Cimarron and Logan Coach.

About Hog Trailers

When it comes time to travel with your hogs, it’s important to have a trailer that is easy to maneuver, safe and simple to load, and built from high-quality materials. At Transwest, we partner with the best brands in livestock trailer manufacturing to bring you trailers that will safely contain your hogs on the road. Our hog trailers are built with plenty of square footage, slatted sides for ventilation and convenient ramps to make loading and unloading simple. 

If you make frequent, long-distance trips with your animals, our gooseneck trailers are built with high weight capacity and have exceptional stability on the road, even under harsh weather conditions. For smaller loads of hogs or first-time trailer buyers, a bumper pull trailer is budget-friendly and offers a simple towing system. Both trailer styles come in various floor plans and sizes to accommodate your hogs, whether you need plenty of room for extra equipment or lots of floor space so your animals can move about safely.

We offer a range of financing plans to work with your budget, making it easy for you to purchase the trailer you want. Because we know the importance of keeping your trailer in working condition at all times, we also provide maintenance services, repairs, and a full line of livestock trailer parts and accessories. Whether you are raising feed pigs or transporting show hogs, our hog trailers will keep your animals safe on the road. 

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