Gooseneck Livestock Trailer

Livestock Gooseneck Trailers

Transwest partners with the best brands in livestock trailers to bring you a full line of light-duty gooseneck trailers and parts.

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As your single resource for trailer parts, maintenance services, and financing plans, Transwest is here to support you both on and off the road. Check out the best Gooseneck Livestock Trailers from Cimarron and Logan Coach.

About Livestock Gooseneck Trailers

With a strong towing connection and high weight capacity, our inventory of gooseneck livestock trailers is the best way to transport large herds of livestock. Gooseneck livestock trailers feature a long arm or neck that fastens to a ball hitch in the bed of your towing truck. This system gives the trailer a highly stable towing connection, allowing you to haul more weight. They are a great option for anyone with heavy equipment or lots of livestock.

Gooseneck livestock trailers are also perfect for transporting livestock over long distances. Thanks to the strength of the gooseneck hitch, these trailers are easy to maneuver and typically experience little sway on the road, even in unfavorable weather conditions. Like their horse trailer cousins, these trailers come in both living quarters and non-living quarters. They’re designed to accommodate both the part-time traveler and those who spend a lot of time on the road. 

Your Transwest team is passionate about bringing you the best quality trailers and parts. We offer a full line of parts and accessories for your convenience and offer courtesy maintenance services to keep you on the road. No matter your budget or situation, we are sure to have a financing plan that suits your needs. Look through our online inventory and then get in touch with one of our experienced sales members today so we can help you find a trailer that suits you best.

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