Logan Coach Pen System

Pen System for Livestock Trailers

If you travel with livestock, Transwest offers a full line of pen systems for livestock trailers, a safe and convenient way to transport your animals.

Transwest carries only the highest quality Pen Systems for Livestock Trailers

With trusted financing plans, parts, and courtesy maintenance services, it’s our goal to keep you and your livestock on the road at all times. Check out the best Pen Systems for Livestock Trailers from Cimarron and Logan Coach.

About Pen Systems for Livestock Trailers

Pen systems for livestock trailers are an ideal way to transport your animals safely from one destination to another. If you travel frequently with your livestock, a pen system with living quarters may be a perfect choice. It provides you with the comfort and convenience of a home on the road. For travelers who make shorter trips, a pen system without living quarters gives you ample storage space for your animals and gear. 

Both types of trailers come in bumper pull and gooseneck towing styles. Gooseneck trailers have more towing stability and a high weight capacity, so they are ideal for travelers who make lengthy trips. If you are concerned about the cost, bumper pull trailers are typically less expensive and require little in the way of special equipment. With models that include side and rear ramps to conveniently access your animals plus roof vents and insulation to keep them safe during the drive, you can rest at ease knowing that your livestock is comfortable and secure on the road. 

At Transwest, we partner with the best brands in horse and livestock manufacturing to bring you high-quality trailers. Our partners include Cimarron, Featherlite, Logan Coach, Sundowner, and more. There is sure to be a trailer that fits your needs. 

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