A stock box in the back of a truck

Stock Boxes

A creative, convenient transportation solution, a high-quality stock box is an efficient way to haul small loads of animals at one time.

Transwest carries only the highest quality Stock Boxes

Transwest offers a full line of stock boxes, parts, and accessories along with on-site financing plans that work with your budget. Check out the best Stock Boxes from Cimarron and Logan Coach.

About Stock Boxes

Stock boxes are built to haul smaller animals such as a small flock of chickens, a few hunting dogs, hogs, lambs, or goats. Because the boxes sit in the bed of your truck, they are quick and convenient to set up. Stock boxes are a great option when purchasing new projects for the year. Hogs, lambs, and goats are smaller at the time of purchase, so it's very convenient to haul the stock box to pick them up rather than the trailer. This will also save you a large amount of money on fuel since you aren't pulling a trailer. If you make frequent short trips with one or two animals, a stock box can be an ideal way to transport them safely while saving money on gas, storage, and repairs.  

Stock boxes are typically made from aluminum or steel. Some models include insulated roofs, side slats, roof vents, loading lights, polished panels, rubber bumpers, and more. At Transwest, we partner with the best brands in livestock trailers to bring you options from Cimarron, Logan Coach, and more. We promise to provide high-quality trailers and equipment, and we believe in accommodating each customer’s situation and budget. Our trained teams will work with you to find a stock box to match your needs. We also offer service on all stock boxes that are less than 10 years old. That includes a courtesy roof and unit inspection, and rubber roof maintenance. 

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