Eleven Essential Horse & Livestock Trailer Parts

The Transwest Team
The Transwest Team
Sep 22, 2021
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Horse and livestock trailers make it possible to transport your animals across the country or around the ranch. When you own a horse or livestock trailer, there are numerous parts that can help enhance the use of your trailer.

Today, we’ll take a look at the top eleven horse and livestock trailer parts for 2021. If you are looking to add any of these parts or accessories to your rig, reach out to the team at Transwest for more information.

#1: Cimarron Trailers Triangular Feed Bag

Cimarron Trailers has been a trusted name in the industry since 2000. Their business is founded on a commitment to designing and building the best equine and livestock transportation around. They believe that the buyer of their product should be the inspiration for all they do. They value feedback from customers and continually look to improve their products.

Not only does Cimarron design trailers, but they also carry a quality line of accessories and parts. Many of the products that have made our top 2021 list are designed by this trusted brand, starting with their triangular feed bag.

This feed bag is 22″ x 22″ x 22″ x 6″, features snaps, and has been designed for slant load models. Make feeding time on the go easier than ever before with this quality trailer accessory.

#2: Cimarron Trailers Square Feed Bag

Another top quality choice in this category is the Cimarron square feed bag, which is specifically made for warmblood horses.

This 32"x32", square feed bag is designed for straight load models. Additionally, it comes with snaps to mount. D-Rings can be added on as an extra option. Backed by the Cimarron name, you can trust the quality design of this horse trailer accessory.

#3: Cimarron Trailers Portable Saddle Rack

When it comes to moving large amounts of saddles to and from your trailer to your tack halls, nothing beats the Cimarron Trailers portable saddle rack.

This saddle rack is a portable cart, which can be stored in your tack room and then easily moved to your horse trailer. Featuring a unique design specially crafted by Cimarron to meet the needs of their customers, this is a must-have accessory for improving efficiency and lessening your work when loading up for the road.

#4: Redneck Corner Water Tank - 25 Gallon

When you are traveling with your horses or livestock, you need to be able to transport fresh water easily. The Redneck Corner Water Tank allows you to transport 25 gallons of fresh water and fits conveniently in the corner of your walk in tack room. This corner design helps you utilize an area that would otherwise be dead space.

The tank has also been designed with FDA-approved polyethylene, which means the water inside is safe for both you and your animals to drink.

Additionally, the tank’s translucent design makes it simple to check water levels in the tank. The strap kit provided with the purchase of this corner water tank makes the installation of the product quick and easy.

#5: Cimarron Trailers Pad - 16” X 60”

Similar to the above pads, the 16” X 60” pads are designed to be mounted on your horse trailer’s dividers, ensuring maximum comfort for your animals during transport. With a larger size, these trailer pads are specifically designed for 2009 and newer Cimarron Trailer models.

Enjoy the premium quality of these trailer pads and upgrade your horse’s traveling experience.

#6: Cimarron Trailers Pad - 4” X 30” Bolster

Not only do divider pads help protect your horses in transport, but so does padding placed on the chest and butt bars of your horse trailer. Cimarron Trailers has designed their 4” x 30” Bolster pads to help cushion your horses’ ride. Using only the highest quality materials, you can count on these pads to hold up over time.

As an added bonus, these pads come with mounting zip ties for easy installation.

#7: Logan Coach Trailers Square Feed Bag

Logan Coach Trailers is another trusted name in the industry. Their horse and livestock trailers are designed with their unique SureGrip flooring. This flooring is a permanent, self-draining rubber floor that replaces rubber floor mats and adds to the comfort of your animal’s ride by offering superior traction. Additionally, Logan Coach Trailers is known for their Galva-Strong frame found in all of their models.

Not only does Logan Coach design premium trailers, but they also create quality parts and accessories to pair with an existing horse trailer.

Their square feedbag is used for warmblood trailers and has been carefully designed to ensure a comfortable feeding experience for your warmblood horses.

#8: Logan Coach Trailers Cross Fire Smooth Fender

Logan Coach designed their Cross Fire trailer to be the ultimate in durability and strength. This horse trailer was created to be the perfect entry level trailer with all the basics and none of the extras.

The Cross Fire Smooth Fender has been specifically designed to fit on the Cross Fire trailer. Backed by the trusted name of Logan Coach, you can count on this fender replacement to provide ultimate durability and strength.

#9: Cimarron Trailers Pad - 11” X 60”

As you transport your horses to and from shows or events, you want to ensure their ultimate comfort. Cimarron Trailers has designed their 11” x 60” trailer pad to fit on dividers for their 2001-2009 models.

These trailer pads are mounted on the dividers to ensure that your horses are protected and comfortable on the road. Designed with premium materials, these are durable pads that can stand up to the rigors of transport.

#10: Redneck Corner Water Caddy

The perfect accompaniment to the Redneck Corner Water Tank is the SL-25 Water Caddy. This water tank stand is specifically designed to fit Redneck’s 25-gallon tank.

When using this stand, your water tank will be up off the ground, making it easy to fill buckets without the use of a hose. Additionally, the stand features a built-in storage compartment.

#11: Cimarron Trailers Ramp

Loading your horses in and out of your trailer is made easier with a quality ramp. Whether you are replacing an existing ramp that has been damaged, or you want to add a ramp to your horse trailer, Cimarron Trailers has designed quality ramps for loading and unloading your animals.

These ramps are designed to provide a comfortable and high-traction surface for your horse to walk on. They feature the highest quality materials to offer lasting service. Add a new ramp to your horse trailer to improve your loading and unloading process.

Shop for Horse and Livestock Trailer Parts at Transwest

If you are looking for the top horse and livestock trailer parts for 2021, talk to the team at Transwest. Not only do we carry the latest and best in horse and livestock trailer parts, but we have a knowledgeable team on staff who can assist you in finding the perfect product for your needs.

Stop by one of our locations today or reach out with any specific trailer part questions.


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