Is a Horse Trailer with Living Quarters Worth It?

The Transwest Team
The Transwest Team
Feb 08, 2021
Living quarters in a horse trailer

When purchasing a horse trailer, many options are equipped with additional features designed to make the trailer more useful. One of the best upgrades available is add-on living quarters for the driver and passengers. These living quarters are set up in a similar way to a camper or a sleeper cab, complete with spaces for cooking and sleeping.

It's important to weigh both the pros and cons of upgrading to a horse trailer with living quarters. The following guide will walk buyers through the benefits of horse trailers with living quarters, as well as some of the drawbacks to consider.

The Benefits of a Horse Trailer with Living Quarters

In many cases, horse trailers are used to transport horses to events, such as rodeos, show jumping, dressage, and other equestrian sports where an overnight stay is required. A lot of equestrian sports can involve full week-long stays during seasons of competition.

Horse trailers are often used to transport horses to trailheads where nature lovers can embrace the outdoors on horseback. For trail riders and those who love to spend the night at camp, horse trailers with living quarters can allow for comfortable camping after a beautiful day spent exploring the trails.

For those who utilize their horse trailers for such events, the addition of living quarters to the trailer can be appealing. The following are all benefits of investing in a trailer with a built-in living space.

Easy Camping

When you purchase a horse trailer with living quarters, you will enjoy an easy camping option wherever you go. For those who go to multiple shows in a year or month, this option is not only convenient but also a way to save money. Additionally, for those who spend time trail riding, a trailer with a built-in camper makes it possible to spend comfortable and quality time in nature without leaving your horses.

Rather than trying to book expensive hotel rooms during peak seasons or trying to find a suitable campsite with an option for your horses after a day on the trails, a trailer with living quarters allows you to quickly set up camp with little to no cost. Many equestrian events will allow for camping on-site, which makes this extremely efficient. Consider how much time and money you can save on event days by waking up on-site.

Dedicated Personal Space

When you are attending a busy event, exhaustion can start to set in. Having your own dedicated personal space during a big show is a wonderful way to recharge. Whether it’s just catching your breath for a quick 15-minute break or taking an afternoon nap between events, living quarters allow you to get away and spend some time alone or with your family.

It’s also easy to change clothes between events. Rather than vying for room in a shared space, you can utilize your personal living quarters to prepare for competitions.

Creature Comforts Anywhere

Sometimes rodeos and equestrian events take you far away from the comforts of home. In some cases, the facilities available on site are not ideal. With your own living quarters, you can enjoy your favorite creature comforts from anywhere. From a clean bathroom to the space to unwind alone at the end of a long day, a horse trailer-camper combo provides a relaxing environment.

Ample Storage

When you travel with horses, you are also traveling with a lot of additional equipment and accessories. When you opt for a horse trailer that is equipped with living quarters, you will benefit from the added storage space for any items you might need on your trip.

You can pack everything you need before you leave for the event and also equip the living space with all the extras you want. Most horse trailers with a camper offer ample kitchen storage, upper cabinets, and closets. This makes it easy for you to quickly grab your bag, pack up your horses, and head to any event.

One Item to Haul

For those who plan to camp at events, opting for a horse trailer-camper combination can cut down on the number of trailers that need to be hauled to the location. Rather than towing a horse trailer and a camper, this combination trailer will allow for one vehicle to tow everything needed efficiently and help with fuel costs.

Meal-Time Solution

Even when an event is only spanning the course of a day, a trailer with living quarters makes it easy to feed the crew. Many horse trailer campers are equipped with full kitchens, allowing you to put together healthy meals while on the road.

The Drawbacks to This Trailer Style

While horse trailers with living quarters offer convenience, comfort, and improved efficiencies, there are a few drawbacks that should be considered before purchase. The following are all potential pitfalls of purchasing a horse trailer with an added living space.


One of the most notable drawbacks of a horse trailer-camper combination is that these trailers will cost more than a traditional horse trailer. With their added space and size, expect to spend a little extra if you opt for this trailer.

Keep in mind that while the cost is higher upfront, using a camper trailer over time can wind up saving you money. By cutting down on money spent on hotels, dining out, and alternative camping options, a horse trailer with living quarters can start to pay for itself.


A standard horse trailer will require very little maintenance. A horse trailer with living quarters will require a little more upkeep. With additional water storage tanks, plumbing, and kitchenettes, the cost to maintain this style of trailer will be slightly higher than a standard version.


Lastly, an important consideration when purchasing a horse trailer with living quarters is the total weight you will be towing. For those who tow their trailer with a smaller truck, the added weight of the camper section can be too much. Be sure to check towing requirements before upgrading to a larger trailer style.

Explore Your Options with Transwest

For those interested in purchasing a horse trailer with living quarters, Transwest is here to help. Our knowledgeable staff will be pleased to walk you through the option of upgrading your horse trailer to include a living space. When working with our team, we will help you explore all of the following options:

  • The size of the trailer
  • The cargo space
  • The load capacity
  • The style of sleeping quarters
  • A full-size
  • kitchen versus kitchenette
  • Storage space

Regardless of which style of horse trailer you opt for, Transwest is proud to provide quality options. We look forward to assisting you soon.



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