Must-Have Horse Trailer Accessories for First Time Owners

The Transwest Team
The Transwest Team
Mar 01, 2021
Must-Have Horse Trailer Accessories for First Time Owners

Whether you plan to spend weeks on the road at rodeo circuits, or you and your family simply enjoy weekend trail rides, having the right horse trailer accessories will make any trip more enjoyable.

Horse trailers come in a variety of styles and sizes, some with built-in storage, living quarters, and other add-ons. Regardless of which style of horse trailer you land on, the following are a few must-have horse trailer accessories for first-time owners.

#1: A Water Tank

One of the first add-ons to your horse trailer that you should consider is a water tank. Water tanks allow you to haul fresh, clean water for your horses anywhere you go.

Not only will having clean water on hand make it easier to keep your horses hydrated, but it can also be used to keep both your horses and the horse trailer clean.

When considering a water tank installation, the following are a few key factors to consider:

  • What size tank will best fit your needs? If you travel long distances, you’ll need a much bigger tank than if you simply trailer your horses to a nearby trailhead.
  • Will you add a water pump? Installing an electric water pump can make it easier to use the water for clean up and other tasks, by giving you a pressurized system.

#2: Trailer Fans

Keeping your horses safe throughout their transport is undoubtedly your top priority. You can make transportation more comfortable for your horses and prevent overheating through the installation of trailer fans.

Consider adding a couple to the front of the trailer so that air is pushed over the horses and out the windows. This will create a constant moving airflow, which will help keep your horses comfortable on hot summer days.

#3: A Trailer Camera

From backup cameras to rear-facing backseat cameras, vehicles today are often equipped with numerous video feeds that help make driving safer. It’s also easier to keep your eye on kids in the backseat.

Similarly, many people are opting to add a camera to the inside of their horse trailer, as well as to the back of the trailer.

The camera located inside the trailer will allow you to check up on your horses throughout your drive. This can be extremely beneficial when you need to drive a long distance. Rather than stopping alongside the road to make sure your horses are situated and comfortable, you can simply glance down at your camera feed. This offers great peace of mind in case you hear something coming from your trailer during transport.

Adding a camera to the back of the trailer is also a good choice. This helps make it easier to back up your truck/trailer combination without running into objects that are low to the ground and hard to see.

#4: Trailer Specific Lug Wrench

While you hope never to be stranded on the side of the road changing a tire, the reality is that blowouts and flats occur. Make sure you are prepared with a trailer-specific lug wrench.

The lugs on your trailer wheels are not the same as found on a truck or car. For this reason, it is critical that before you take your trailer out on its first journey, you ensure that you have the right lug wrench on hand.

If your trailer did not come with a lug wrench, you can purchase one after-market. First, be sure to determine what type of lugs your trailer wheels are equipped with before buying a new wrench.

#5: Hydraulic Jack or Jiffy Jack

In conjunction with having the right lug wrench, make sure you also have a jack in case of a roadside flat tire.

For trailers, two types of jacks come highly recommended:

  • Hydraulic Jack: a hydraulic jack is extremely effective for heavy loads. It will lift your horse trailer with minimum effort on your part and is easy to use. Not only that, but hydraulic jacks are lighter weight than traditional screw jacks.
  • Jiffy Jack: Jiffy jacks are a unique type of lift designed for tandem axle trailers. Jiffy jacks allow you to drive your trailer’s good tire onto the jack’s platform. This then raises the flat tire off the ground, making it easy to change quickly. Jiffy jacks offer improved safety, as well as convenience. In most cases, you don’t even need to unload your horses to change your tire.

#6: Trailer Organizers

When transporting horses, you will also be hauling around a lot of equipment. Saddles, stirrups, bridles, halters, reins, bits, harnesses, and more can all quickly clutter the space. In addition to your tack, you will also be hauling items for you and other riders.

Keeping everything organized is a must. Your trailer might be equipped with storage space for tack. However, adding a trailer door organizer can help keep smaller items organized and out of the way.

#7: A Trailer Tie

An elevated trailer tie is a must-have accessory for those who enjoy taking their horses on camping trips. These ties are attached to the top portion of the trailer, creating an elevated point to tie up horses.

These elevated horse ties are a safe and effective way to allow your horse to move around, graze, and lie down, all while being safely attached to the trailer. This is a great fit for when you camp in areas that do not have corrals or tie-down points.

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We have an outstanding selection of horse trailers available and a team of knowledgeable staff members who are ready to assist you in purchasing the right trailer for your needs. At Transwest, we also have a full parts and service department that can cover your needs for your must-have horse trailer accessories.

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