Fourteen Best RV Parts and Accessories

The Transwest Team
The Transwest Team
Oct 04, 2021
Satellite dish on top of an RV

When you own an RV, you own a ticket to adventure. Your RV acts as the perfect home away from home, providing you with comfortable living quarters no matter where your trip takes you.

Adding the perfect RV parts and accessories to your current rig can take your next vacation or long-term journey to the next level.

Today, we’ll take a look at the top fourteen RV parts and accessories for 2021. If you are interested in purchasing a new part or accessory for your RV, come talk to our team at Transwest.

DISH - Wally Receiver, Trav'ler, Playmaker, and Roadtrip Satellite Dishes

DISH has long been a trusted name in the world of satellite TV. Their goal has been to bring TV to rural America by connecting these customers to the television channels they love when cable companies wouldn’t.

For those who enjoy traveling to remote locations, DISH delivers outstanding options for TV services. Never miss the big game or your favorite show when you travel with these DISH products.

#1: Wally Receiver

The Wally receiver by DISH is the world’s smallest HD receiver. It is the perfect fit for those who want to enjoy satellite TV from the comfort of their RV.

Pair this with DISH Outdoors, a pay-as-you-go programming option, or start and stop your monthly service at any time. Pair the Wally receiver with a DISH-compatible mobile antenna, and you are ready to enjoy your favorite shows on the road.

#2: TRAV'LER Satellite Antenna

A perfect accompaniment to the Wally receiver, the TRAV'LER is a DISH-compatible multi-satellite antenna. It delivers a powerful signal, allowing you to enjoy the same viewing experience in your RV as you would at home.

Not only that, but this antenna can allow you to watch separate programming on multiple TVs in your RV at the same time, making it a great fit for families.

#3: Playmaker Portable Satellite Antenna

Another DISH compatible antenna, the Playmaker portable satellite antenna features military-grade aluminum alloy for maximum durability and increased signal strength.

This RV satellite antenna automatically locates DISH satellite orbital locations and offers reliable high performance.

The antenna is lightweight and low profile, never detracting from the style of your RV.

#4: RoadTrip Motion Satellite Antenna

Another option for DISH on the go is the RoadTrip motion satellite antenna. This sleek, compact unit is extremely lightweight and requires minimal roof space.

It features the latest and best in technology, with updated tracking algorithms that reduce noise levels while improving the antenna’s tracking capabilities.

Zamp Solar - 170 Watt Solar Kit and Expansion Panels

Zamp Solar began in a small garage in 2010. Since then, they have grown tremendously and have become the exclusive RV aftermarket solar supplier and strategic OEM RV partner with manufacturers like Airstream, Winnebago, and more. Their high-quality off-grid solar solutions make it possible for RV enthusiasts to enjoy boondocking in remote locations without losing power.

#5: 170 Watt Solar Kit

Zamp Solar’s most popular kit, the 170-watt solar kit, provides you with enough power to charge most single or dual 12-volt battery banks. This kit includes a 30-Amp, 5-stage PWM charge controller, pre-assembled wiring harness, 3-port roof cap, and stainless steel mounting hardware. Say goodbye to your noisy generator and enjoy the peace of nature with this solar setup.

#6: Expansion Panels

For those who are looking for a little extra power, Zamp Solar offers an easy-to-install 170-watt expansion panel. This panel is compatible with all of Zamp Solar roof mount kits, making it easy to quickly expand your solar setup. It comes with a quick-connect solar plug and stainless steel mounting hardware.

#7: Cradlepoint - IBR900 Cellular WiFi Router Kit

Cradlepoint is on a mission to connect its customers beyond the limits of wired networks. Their products help to unlock the power of today’s LTE and 5G cellular networks to provide reliable Wireless WAN.

The IBR900 cellular WiFi Router Kit is a compact and rugged router. It offers advanced in-vehicle connectivity, making it a perfect choice for RVers who need to stay connected no matter where the road takes them.

#8: Splendide - Stackable Compact Washer/Dryer

When you are spending a significant length of time on the road or traveling with family, being able to clean clothing and towels is a must.

Splendide answered the RVers' need to keep clothes clean on the go with their compact washer and dryer set. With a unique design, these washers and dryers are able to fit into a small space without having issues with venting or electrical and draining limitations.

The end result is that you can do your laundry anywhere while saving space, energy, and resources.

Blue Ox - Tow Bars and Baseplates

Blue Ox has earned a solid reputation as the premier manufacturer of aftermarket towing products. From tow bars to weight distribution systems, their products are used extensively across both pickup and motorhome applications.

#9: Tow Bars

Blue Ox tow bars feature an innovative design that aims to improve your towing experience. Their heavy-duty tow bars are designed for any size adventure or cargo. Bring along all your favorite recreational toys with the addition of Blue Ox tow bars.

#10: Baseplates

The perfect items to pair with Blue Ox tow bars are their custom-fitting baseplates. They are custom-made to best fit your specific towing situation without requiring you to drastically alter your vehicle.

Their baseplates are designed with steel to provide durability and reliability. The unique design allows it to flex and absorb any shock during the drive. Your cargo's weight is evenly distributed as well to minimize the amount of pressure placed on your RV’s suspension.

#11: Demco - Air Force One Supplemental Braking System

Demco is a trusted leader in the towing and brake manufacturing industry. Their Air Force One (AFO) supplemental braking system is the only one that includes the necessary components to meet the Total Coach Protection safety regulations.

The AFO is designed to offer extreme reliability and long-term durability. This unique brake system is also the first and only supplemental system that will seal the coach’s air supply in the event of a separation of the coach and towed vehicle.

AFO is a safe and secure way for you to use coach air for your supplemental braking system and this quality product meets all chassis warranty requirements.

Owl Vans - Ladder / Tire Carrier, B2 Bike Carrier, and Storage Boxes

Owl Vans focuses on beautiful attention to detail in the design of all of their campervan accessories and products. Each product is designed and engineered in California for quality control.

#12: Ladder and Tire Carrier

Designed for Sprinter Vans, the newest Owl Van ladder and tire carrier integrate two great products into one simple rack. This negates the need for mounting a separate ladder off the side of your campervan, which can create added drag in the wind. The product installs easily in a matter of seconds and allows you to access your roof easily and move your spare tire to a convenient location.

#13: B2 Bike Carrier

Designed for the Mercedes Sprinter van 2nd generation, this B2 Bike Carrier makes it easy to adjust the mount for bikes and a variety of other accessories. This bike carrier system makes it simple to mount and unmount your bikes and the carrier opens with your Sprinter van’s doors, adding to the product’s convenience. With a rock-solid tig welded tubular aluminum frame, you can count on this bike carrier to keep your recreational gear safe on the road.

#14: Storage Boxes

Owl Vans carries an exclusive line of aluminum cargo boxes designed for Sprinters, Revels, and Storytellers. These quality boxes will offer you additional storage and cargo space, which is an ideal solution for smaller Class B RVs.

Visit Transwest for All Your RV Part Needs

Whether you are looking to add satellite TV to your RV or you want to upgrade your campervan’s storage, at Transwest, we can help. We carry a quality selection of RV parts and accessories from the trusted leading brands. Stop by one of our locations today or reach out to learn more.


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