What is a Class C RV Motorhome?

The Transwest Team
The Transwest Team
Jan 25, 2021
What is a Class C RV Motorhome?

Choosing an RV involves making several important decisions. After navigating the numerous manufacturers available to determine what amenities you specifically need, it can feel overwhelming when you step foot on an RV dealership lot and realize just how many choices there are.

One of the best ways to narrow down which RV is right for you is to start by determining which class of RV is ideal for your needs.

The following are all common RV classes:

One of the most versatile options from this list is the Class C. These RVs are a popular choice for travelers of all kinds due to their size and amenities.

If you are considering purchasing a Class C motorhome, check out the following guide covering the basics of Class C RVs, the amenities these motorhomes usually offer, and when a Class C is the right choice for your needs.

The Basics of a Class C RV

A Class C RV is usually somewhere between 21 and 41 feet long. Most Class C RVs are approximately the same length and size as a standard moving truck.

A Class C sits squarely between Class A and Class B motorhomes when it comes to size and amenities. For this reason, they are often thought of as the perfect choice for those who need more space than a camper van offers but do not want to maneuver a larger Class A.

Class C RVs are outfitted with slideouts in many cases, making them more spacious than a Class B without requiring the length of a Class A to increase space.

When shopping for a Class C motorhome, it is worth noting the variation in sizes and lengths of these motorhomes. Some Class C RVs are closer to a camper van in size while others near the length of a Class A. The variety of sizes of these versatile RVs makes it easy for almost anyone to find a style that matches their preference.

The Amenities Offered in a Class C RV

If you are ready to upgrade your motorhome, a Class C offers a vast selection of amenities that can turn camping into a luxury experience. The following are all possible amenities when you purchase a Class C motorhome:

  • Plenty of Sleeping Space: Many Class C RVs are equipped with extra sleeping space, perfect for bringing along the whole family. Often, these sleeping areas are located in slide-outs, offering extra space without increasing the size of the RV.
  • Full Kitchen: Unlike a Class B camper, which often features a small kitchenette, Class C RVs often come equipped with a full kitchen. Many Class C motorhomes have a sink, counter space, stovetop, oven, and large refrigerator. This makes it a great pick for feeding the whole family while traveling.
  • Extra Storage Space: From under-bed drawers to extra closet space, a Class C RV is often outfitted with plenty of space for clothing, camping gear, recreational items, and more.
  • Pull-Out Decks and Built-In Awnings: For those who enjoy relaxing on a covered porch in the evenings, a Class C RV with a pull-out deck and built-in awning can be the perfect upgrade to a traditional camping experience.
  • Master Bedrooms: For families, choosing a Class C RV with a master bedroom can add the perfect level of privacy to any trip. Featuring a small doorway, these bedrooms can be closed off, giving everyone their own space.
  • Full Bathrooms: Although a Class C is smaller than their Class A counterparts, most of these RVs are still equipped with a full bathroom, including a toilet, shower, and sink.
  • Dedicated Dining Area: While Class B vans often require sleeping spaces and dining areas to be converted between use, a Class C will often be equipped with a dedicated dining space.
  • Extra Seating Space: Buckling up when on the road is a critical part of RV safety. There is often an additional seating space available for passengers with a Class C RV, rather than just the driver and up-front passenger seat.

When is a Class C RV the Ideal Choice?

If you are trying to decide whether or not a Class C RV is the right pick for your needs, ask yourself the following key questions:

  • How many people will I be traveling with? If you plan to have more than two people on your trip, upgrading to a Class C over a Class B is a better choice. Additionally, different Class C motorhomes will feature a variety of sleeping arrangements, making it easy to find the right fit for the whole family.
  • What type of traveling are you planning to do? If you are dreaming of off-roading in the backcountry, a Class B might be more your style. However, if you are looking for an RV that is easy to navigate in most situations, a Class C is a great pick. With their smaller body size, they are less cumbersome on tight roads than a Class A.
  • What amenities are must-haves for you and your traveling companions? A Class C motorhome offers more amenities and space than a Class B but is not as spacious and grand as a Class A. Ask yourself what amenities are must-haves and take a look at a few different Class C models. Will these RVs offer you everything you need to enjoy your travels?

In the end, whether or not a Class C motorhome is the right pick for you will be dependent on numerous factors and, ultimately, your own personal preference. Don’t be afraid to compare a variety of makes and models and check out Class A and B RVs at the same time to get a feel for what the major differences are.

Shop Class C RVs at Transwest Today

If you are in the market for a Class C RV, come visit us at Transwest today. We offer a quality inventory of Class C motorhomes, backed by the leading manufacturers, such as Winnebago and Tiffin.

Additionally, we will be happy to show you around other motorhome types, such as Class B, Class A, and Super C RVs. Our goal is to ensure that you find the perfect fit for your next big adventure.


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