Horse Trailer Safety Tips

horse trailer When you are transporting your horse(s) across the country, you want them to be as safe and secure as possible. While plenty of that responsibility lies in your driving and general care for the animals, you can also make sure their trailer is as safe as it can be. Here are a few tips to add safety to your horse trailer.


Wall pads. You can add padding to the walls of your horse trailer to add some protection if the horse were to slip or be thrown to one side or the other. You can buy pads in various sizes to cover an area, but if you are only looking to pad specific spots, think face, shoulder, and knee level.

Floor Mats. Add some traction and padding for your horse by upgrading the floor surface. There are plenty of floor mat options which will help your horses to stand securely for their voyage.

Breast and butt pads. If there is a bar across your horse’s breast or butt, you can add a roller pad for extra comfort and safety. Again there are numerous options in terms of sizing and padding.

Safety chain. You want your trailer to be connected to your truck securely, and in the event of hitch failure, you want a safety chain as a backup. Make sure to do the math for your loaded horse trailer and make sure your safety chain is rated for the appropriate weight.

Remember, the best safety equipment is a focused, alert, safe driver. All the padding in the world won’t save your horse in the event of a serious accident, drive safely! If you’re looking for a new horse trailer. Check out our great selection today!

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