Five Tips for Traveling With Your Horse

The Transwest Team
The Transwest Team
May 07, 2013
Five Tips for Traveling With Your Horse

If you’re new to horse trailers, the last thing you want to do is try to shove your horse in your trailer and drive across the country.

Your horse isn’t a bike you throw on a rack; he or she is a cherished animal and you want your shared trip to be as smooth as possible.

Here are just a few tips for traveling long distances with a horse in tow.

Keep your horse(s) calm. A calm horse is much easier to load, and it helps lower her overall travel stress if she can begin her trip on an easy note. If you’re impatient or stressed about loading her up, she’s certainly going to sense that and it won’t make things any easier for you. Give yourself the time and patience to make her trip an easy, compassionate one.

Practice makes perfect. Don’t introduce your horse to his trailer on the morning of your trip. Instead, get in some practice loading and unloading him, so he can see what the interior of this weird new space is like, and you can see how he handles it.

Visit your vet. Talk to your horse’s veterinarian about stocking first-aid supplies for your journey, as well as a possible dose of anti-inflammatory drugs to make the rigors of the road easier.

Keep your horse hydrated. Some people suggest adding a little Gatorade to your horse’s water, others suggest electrolyte paste, but regardless, keep your horse hydrated and offer her water at every stop. If possible, bring water from home, as many horses are cautious about drinking ‘strange’ water.

Keep your horse in the trailer. When you stop for a break, keep your horse in the trailer, even though you may be tempted to unload him just for a bit. A rest area is no place for a horse to panic, and you don’t want him suddenly grazing on chemically-treated grass.

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