Logan Coach XT-XTR Slant Load Trailers

The Transwest Team
The Transwest Team
Feb 11, 2013
Logan Coach XT-XTR Slant Load Trailers

Calling this 7’3” wide slant load model deluxe doesn’t do it justice. Compare the standard features to those of other brands and you will find that the XTR gives you considerably more for the same cost as a standard aluminum trailer.



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Aluminum XTR Standard Features


  • 7′ Tall, 7′ 3″ Wide (7′ Wide Inside)
  • 5′ Taper Gooseneck Nose With Option Of Traditional Wedge
  • Galvanized Structural Tubing In Walls And Floor (No Black Steel)
  • One-Piece Aluminum Skin Roof With Aluminum Cove And Roof Bows
  • 8 Year Structural Warranty And 2 Year Hitch To Bumper Warranty


  • Aluminum .050 Side Sheets (Attached With 3M VHB Bonding System)
  • Solid Color Top Skin Corrugated Bottom Skin – XTR
  • Solid Or Two-Tone Color Side Sheets With Legacy Graphic – XT
  • Vortex Rubber Coating Under Gooseneck And On Bumper Pull Tongue
  • Deluxe Trim Package: Stainless Steel Front Wrap, Tail Light Bracket, Rear Header, Cam Latch Covers, And Tie Ring Plates; Gusset Covers (Gooseneck)
  • Treadbrite Gravel Guard (Bumper Pull)
  • Removable Recessed Jack Handle (Gooseneck)
  • Extruded Aluminum Ribbed Running Boards And Fenders
  • Rubber Bumper
  • E-Z Key System – One Key Fits Every Lock

Wheels and Axles

  • Dexter Torsion Axles With Self Adjusting Brakes
  • Goodyear Radial Tires With Radial Spare Tire
  • Steel Wheels With Simulators (Bolt-On For 16″ Wheels; Snap-On For 15″ Wheels)
  • E-Z Change Tire Jack


  • Dome Lights With Remote Switch In Tack Room And Stall Area
  • L.E.D. Marker And Tail Lights

Tack/Dressing Room

  • Single Wall Construction With Vortex Wall Post
  • Removable Carpet On Floor
  • Swing-Out Saddle Rack With Gas Shock Assist
  • Blanket Bar
  • Picture Window On Shortwall (Gooseneck)
  • 35 Gallon Corner Water Tank
  • Boot Box
  • Door Organizer
  • 24 Bridle Hooks With Full Carpeted Bulkhead Wall
  • Clothes Rod And Two Hat Racks

Stall Area

  • Insulated Triple-Wall Construction To Roof
  • Corrugated Galvanized Kick Walls With Vortex Rubber Coating (48″ High)
  • 135″ Diagonal Stall Length (Largest Standard Stall On The Market)
  • 40″ Tail Side Wall In Rear Stall (Largest Standard Rear Stall On The Market)
  • Extruded Aluminum Self-Draining Floor With Vortex Rubber Coating (Whiz Proof) And Rubber Floor Mats
  • Drop Down Window Per Stall With E-Z Reach Handles, Drop Down Grills, And Removable Mesh Face Screens (Head Side)
  • Drop Down Window Per Stall With E-Z Reach Handles, Drop Down Grills, And Removable Mesh Face Screens (Tail Side)
  • Interior Roof Cove Cover
  • Aluminum Triple-Wall Double Rear Doors With Windows
  • Padded Slam Latch Aluminum Divider With Safety Catch
  • Butt Strap In Rear Stall
  • Hock Deflector Pad And Head Bump Pad
  • Pop-Up Vent (One Per Stall)
  • Interior Tie Ring With E-Z Tie Strap (One Per Stall)
  • Exterior Tie Ring (One On Each Side Per Stall)
  • Feed Bag (One Per Stall)
  • Shavings Fork

Optional Features


  • 6″ Extra Height (7’6″ Tall)
  • 8′ Wide
  • 8′ Gooseneck Shortwall
  • Panel And Insulate Roof (Stall Area And Dressing Room)
  • Aluminum .100 Interlocking Extruded Sides
  • Inverted Bulkhead (Not Available With Side Tack)
  • Aluminum Hay Rack And Ladder
  • Two Speed Manual Jack (STD on 5H & 7H GN)

Wheels and Axles

  • Axle And/Or Tire Upgrades
  • 17.5″ Wheels And Tires
  • Aluminum Wheels
  • Alcoa Aluminum Wheels (With 7,000 Or 8,000 lb. Axles)
  • Disc Brakes (Includes Actuator)
  • Extra E-Z Change Tire Jack
  • Jack Upgrades: Manual 2-Speed Jack (Standard On 5H-7H); Electric 2-Speed Jack; Single Or Dual Leg Hydraulic Jack

Tack/Dressing Room

  • Man Door In Bulkhead
  • Screen Door To Tack Room (Must Be Ordered Before Production). Standard into Dressing Room with Mid Tack or Side Tack.
  • Dual Man Door In Place Of Window (GN Only)
  • Side Tack (Includes Screen Door Into Dressing Room)
  • 80″ Shortwall In Tack Room (Adds 40″ To Shortwall Of Tack Room)
  • Trainer’s Side Tack: Double Doors On Passenger Side And Single Camper Style Door On Driver Side (Includes Two Stationary Saddle Racks)
  • Trainer’s Tack (80″ Shortwall With Dual Man Doors & Two Saddle Racks)
  • Angled Mid-Tack (Dual Man Doors, Swing-Out Saddle Rack And Standard Rack, Window, And Screen Door)
  • Extra Swing-Out Saddle Rack With Gas Shock Assist
  • Extra Corner Water Tank
  • Boot Box Or Hay Rack Water Tank
  • Extra Boot Box
  • Additional Saddle Tier Per Holder
  • Drop Down Cot
  • Extra Hat Rack
  • Combination Door Locks
  • Sealed Rear Side Tack

Stall Area

  • 1st Stall Escape Door
  • Aluminum Bolt-On Rear Ramp
  • Aluminum Full Rectangular Jail Bar Divider
  • Jail Bars In Sloping Shoulder Divider
  • Aluminum Stud Divider Panel (Removable Lower Divider)
  • Aluminum Collapsible Rear Tack
  • Hanging Rubber Divider Kick Panel
  • Feed Manger With Underneath Storage (With Collapsible Rear Tack)
  • Sealed Rear Tack
  • Extra Exterior Tie Rings
  • E-Z Ride Performance Flooring (All Stalls)
  • Camper Vent Or 12 Volt Fantastic Vent
  • Kick Wall Padding
  • Extra Shavings Fork


  • Extra Flood Lights And/Or Dome Lights
  • Battery Package
  • Air Conditioner (Includes Converter)
  • Hydraulic Jack

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