3 Tips to Get You Prepared for Peak Season



Definition of FedEx’s Peak Season:

A foreboding season starting after families across America reflect and thank God for their blessings and throw themselves into purchasing as many unnecessary items as possible to put under a dead, but the beautifully lit tree.
Amazon Prime does not work magically, and Santa can’t handle the full load himself.
Who steps in to ensure your Christmas present arrives in time to satisfy little Billy Bob?
FedEx delivery drivers, of course!


Are you stressing about the looming FedEx “Peak Season”?

Christmas packages will be ordered, and someone has to deliver them! With Peak leading to almost double the normal daily package load, contractors across the country are preparing to shoulder this burden. I have put together a few tips to take Peak Season head-on with as few bumps in the road as possible. Have more ideas? Share your thoughts at Maggie Chase at Transwest Trucks on Facebook.


  1. Have all vehicles serviced, including back up units.
  • Peak Season is busy: long hours, heavy loads, and often less than great weather. With all of those factors, it’s important to make sure your foundation is secure. Service all vehicles, from basic oil and tire changes to engine work. Make sure all vehicles are ready to hit the road, including older backup units. Prevent having to rent trucks during an already stressful time by preparing now! Not sure what each vehicle’s maintenance intervals are? Call me and I will send you all of the information needed for each truck in your fleet.fedex-drivers-prepare-for-peak-season
  1. Start hiring temporary employees now, giving enough time to train on proper procedures, etc.
  • If you know that you will need to hire extra drivers during Peak, start searching them out now. Ensure that you have enough time to train drivers up to your everyday working standards before loads become heavy and training time is limited.
  1. Pre-plan driver incentives to combat the long hours and heavy loads.

    • Help combat the long hours with driver incentives to keep morale up. Whether it be a driver of the week announcement, cash bonus for speedy deliveries, or a weekend getaway for the most proficient driver, sit down and brainstorm these ideas now. Not only will this help drivers stay positive, but will also help you feel more relaxed to have this taken care of in advance.


I hope these few ideas get the wheels turning, and help you have a successful Peak Season!
If you have additional ideas, or if I can be a resource in any way, reach out now at 888-506-2184.
I look forward to working with you.

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