Manufacturer Spotlight: MAC Trailer Enterprises, Inc.

In order to meet the various needs of each customer across many different industries, Transwest Trailers partners with several leading manufacturers. We interviewed Kristi Rummel, the marketing, advertising, web, and social media manager at MAC Trailer Enterprises, Inc., one of our most long-standing relationships and our partner of 9 years, to provide some insight into the world of MAC Trailers.

Q. What’s the value of MAC trailers for customers?

A. MAC trailers are built to last, we provide excellent customer service, and we work closely with the dealerships to keep a pulse on what the customers need and are requesting. When you call MAC, you’re calling into someone in the United States, who works directly for MAC, and it will be a real person who is easy to reach. We understand where our customers live to create unique needs, and we’re willing to make specialty trailers to accommodate. We are also certified to repair many types of trailers (beyond even just MAC) with a full-service center and parts department.

Q. How is MAC different from other trailer manufacturers?

A. We’re the largest multi-trailer and tank liner manufacturer on the market. Many manufacturers only make certain types of trailer or specialize in one area, but we offer so many different trailers and are able to hit multiple industries with our offerings. That’s how we’ve stayed successful in this business for 25 years. Q. You’ve partnered with Transwest Trailers for 9 years, are you selective about what dealerships you partner with? A. We are selective. Dealers must complete a thorough application process, and we reevaluate our dealer relationships every single year. We want reputable dealers who value customer service as much as we do, and who also know the products well. Transwest Trailers has won an award every year from MAC based on performance and service.

Q. Is there anything new coming out from MAC in 2017?

A. We have several new trailers available as of early 2017:

  • MAC1050 Pneumatic Tank Trailer – newly designed for better aerodynamics, fuel cost savings, and one of the lightest on the market today.
  • Xtender Flatbed – ability to carry longer loads with more length than the average flatbed while still being durable and lightweight.
  • AeroMac 1615 Tank Trailer – made from aluminum, it’s the lightest 1615 Pneumatic tank on the market providing extra fuel savings.
  • MAC Lite Chipper – a brand new addition to the waste line. • Road Warrior Flatbed – tough, standard flatbed, and one of our hottest sellers. A basic flatbed that’s made to last without all the bells and whistles.

Q. Is there anything else you want Transwest Trailers customers to know about MAC?

A. Transwest Trailers is a reputable dealer and our dealership decision process is extensive – it’s hard to make our cut. They make the cut each year because we know they’re going to lead customers in the right direction and they are knowledgeable about the trailers they carry. They’re also great at delivering the right product to meet the individual need of each customer. Put your trust in these guys – they know what they’re doing and we wouldn’t be partnering with them if they were anything short of amazing.


To view the available MAC trailers from Transwest Trailers, click here.

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