Testimonial from Mark Shafer with AAA Transportation of North Carolina

Catching up with a FedEx Ground contractor can be tricky business.  Each owner is adding routes in an effort to fulfill the ISP requirements.  Most are owner/operators, managing the duties of daily business, the drivers, and route procurement.

I had been trying to reach Mark for the better part of 4 months.  First, it was his schedule, then mine, then finally, the unscheduled attempt proved successful.

He was on the road, which is exactly where I expected him to be.

Mark, like many contractors, has been adding routes to his initial 12.  The first group came with 16 trucks, since then he’s added another 10 trucks.  In the past couple of years, he’s brought his business up to 20 routes and he’s expecting to add more routes and trucks this fall.  Deals are all around and he’s negotiating a few deals in other towns.

” I have a million things going on, just like all the other guys. I don’t have time to deal with the details.  Maggie brings it, delivered and ready to go!” – Mark Shafer

When he first decided to acquire trucks the shopping experience was almost entirely done through Google Search.  It was a hit and miss on availability and a crap shoot on what the purchasing experience would be like.  He ran through the options available and selected a vendor.  The rates were high and the value “certainly wasn’t there”.

He decided to continue looking for another partner and finally came across Maggie at Transwest Trucks.  The whole process was so much easier.  Maggie was knowledgeable about her product lines and eager to work with Mark in order to help get the deal done.  Her quick responses, some outside of normal business hours, were helpful.  Maggie introduced Mark to Scott Sargent at Translease and financing became the next quickly navigated component

Mark is ready to partner with the Transwest team again.

“Maggie finds the trucks with the specs I’m looking for, and Scott gets the lease together.  We all went on a tour of the factory together to view the process.

It’s her personality, she’s easy to do business with. I’ve tried others.  I have a million things going on, just like all the other guys. I don’t have time to deal with the details.  Maggie brings it delivered and ready to go.

If she came to South Carolina, I’d hire her.  She’s great to work with and dedicated to her job.  Those people are hard to find.
I actually just recommended her to another operator the other day and I’ll be in to see her again soon.”

Mark Shafer
AAA Transportation of NC

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