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BOBBIE JACKSON, Transwest Finance Manager



Most people think of meeting the “Finance Manager” – especially at a dealership – is sort of like a trip to the Principal’s office.  You know you’re in trouble; it’s only a matter of how much.

Well, meet our Finance Manager, Bobbie Jackson – and you’ll get an entirely different feeling, in fact, she may just be the most popular “Finance Manager” in Colorado!

Bobbie is from Brighton, CO.  She attended Brighton High School, Mesa State University, and has her Law degree.  She’s smart.  She’s very smart!  Bobbie has always been drawn to big jobs.  Fresh out of college she managed a large dental practice, later a top real estate agent and then Transwest had an opening for a salesperson and Bobbie took it.  More precisely, she took it and ran!

Bobbie wasn’t around Transwest long before Andrew Lyons, General Manager began looking to her to not only sell trailers but to work as a back-up to their former Finance Manager – she eventually took the job over full time and has been with Transwest ever since.

Bobbie, like pretty much everybody you’ll meet at Transwest in Frederick, is a horse person.  Her husband is Justin Jackson, a formidable name among PRCA cowboys; they’ve been together since they were kids.  They have two cowboys at home, Tanner, and Trey.  So while leaving a successful real estate career was a difficult decision in some ways, Bobbie’s heart blended happily with Transwest, horse trailers, trucks and the people who purchase them.

She is a warm person with real compassion who truly gives a rip about the customers sitting on the other side of her desk.  It’s her job to find them the money they need if they’re financing a purchase – she has a veritable smorgasbord of lenders she works with to find money available and at the best possible rate.  And she can work with most any credit challenge or situation.

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