Customer Testimonial: Another Job Well Done

Job well done

Hey Jeff,
As a small business owner myself, I try to send out a note when I see
good work by other small companies.

I recently came to your establishment as my 2011 Tiffin Allegro Bus
had an engine warning light that was coming on and off while driving
from Santa Fe NM to Denver Colorado.  I checked my owners manual and
it said that the nearest authorized service company was Transwest.

We were in the area to purchase a custom RV, Earthroamer built on a
F-550, right down the road from you.
We called ahead and were told that it would not be a problem to check
the engine.

We have been RVing for 21 years and have had many high-end motorhomes.
Anyone who has had these types of RVs knows that they have problems
and eventually, become acquainted with companies such as yourselves.
As a small business owner, I know what it takes to satisfy customers.
I am easily impressed with a well-oiled machine.

Transwest exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds.  Rarely have I
found an organization that has such exceptional people from all
aspects and all departments.

WOW! is the only word that fits.  If I lived in this area you would
have me as a customer and you would have ALL of my friends and

Did I say I was impressed? Yes of course.
A simple list of why I was impressed

1) Service was busy but attentive

2) Easy check in and drop off

3) Confident and professional building and staff – 21 bays, area with
electric 50 amp for overnighters, business expanding/growing

4) I did not know that Transwest also sold RVs and as I was just about
to purchase an Earthroamer I told the service person that I would
entertain a quote on our Allegro Bus from the sales manager.

5) Sales manager was quick to reply and straight forward with wholesale pricing

6) Offer was below wholesale BUT much higher then my east coast offer
before leaving on our RV trip to Santa Fe.

(Anyone who owns an RV whether high end or not, knows the hassle it is
to sell an RV. What many don’t know is that ‘where’ they sell may
attract a higher price.

The southwest area sells high-end coaches
faster and for bigger money.  I knew this but did not realize that I
would be offered almost 30% more than my dealer in Pennsylvania,
granted they were offering a consignment of sorts deal where they
would pay out “X” price (when it sold) and keep the remainder, it did
not seem like a very good deal for us, but I know many people go down
this road.

When you sell to a dealer you take a loss as they need to
mark it up and make their own profit).  We knew we would sell to a
dealer as we did not want the hassle of so many people coming to our
home and of course all the looky-loos.

7) Joe, our service person stayed on top of our project from beginning
to end and kept us informed of status and timeline

8) Jacqueline in parts was eager to assist and find items we could not
and even made copies from her parts book with item records

9) Lance, the actual tech that worked on our RV was like a dog with a
bone, he just would not give up on his task and was very precise and
detailed on our project.

0) Brad who filled our gas tanks up (per our contract) was very nice
and outgoing

11) Bill, I think he was the service manager who came out personally
to inspect and decide how to modify the tow system with our new RV and

12) Andrew, the general manager that spoke plain English and did not
go back on his word/verbal contract, which he could have a few times
when items were taking longer than expected. And also for helping us
to trade our new RV through their company to save us tax money back in

I often tell my own staff to treat people the way you would like to be
treated and also to believe that the customer is grading you on your

I find it hard to believe that everyone that I came in contact with at
Transwest treated me so well and with good attitudes
I can’t think of anything else.  But truly wish we had an outfit such
as yours in PA/DE/NJ area.

I wish you the best
Cheers, Russell

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