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Certified Used Trailers

At Transwest Truck Trailer RV all of our used trailers go through an intense checkup.

We first check all safety items such as lights and brakes. Then we go through all other essentials including bearings, latches, catches, wiring, doors, floors, tires, wheels, and all living quarters components. That’s not all,  there is still more to check!

We actually check the wheel alignment on ALL USED HORSE TRAILERS.

Yes, its a fact, we check and correct the alignment on all our used trailers. The results are very beneficial. The trailers pull better and you will get better fuel mileage. Best of all, the tires last longer and blowouts are significantly reduced. As a matter of fact, blowouts are almost completely eliminated but we can’t stop customers from overloading or getting flat tires from road debris.

These checks let our customers leave with confidence and start their travels trouble free. Ask around and see who else offers this kind of reconditioning on their used trailers. I bet you won’t find one!

Certified Used Trailers


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