Radio Options For The Open Road

radio When you venture out on a long trip, whether for work, pleasure, or both, quality audio entertainment is key. If you’re the sort that doesn’t bring a pre-loaded playlist or case of CDs along, here are a few of your options for radio out on the road, to help you avoid hunting through static on the dial.

The Roadtrip Playlist Must Include…

Sirius XM Radio. The reigning king of road trip radio, Sirius XM satellite radio is a great option because it’s accessible almost everywhere, barring a satellite outage. There’s a wealth of programming, from every genre of music to comedy, syndicated talk shows, and sports, with few commercials. If you’re on the road a lot, satellite radio is your best bet (and best friend).

Pandora Radio. Pandora radio uses your feedback to customize music it thinks you will enjoy. This is a great way to find new music you may not have previously known about. Pandora has two options, a free version that plays ads every few songs, and a paid version without ads. Pandora requires at least a cell signal to operate, so depending on your route, you could have dead spots.

Spotify. Spotify is an online music-sharing site (entirely legal) with several subscription models. With Spotify Premium, you can use your mobile device to stream music, as well as store music offline, which is handy for those aforementioned dead spots.

iTunes Radio. If you have an iPhone, iTunes Radio is built into your iTunes. This radio is very similar to Pandora’s free model, which uses listener feedback to choose future music. If you have a subscription to iTunes Match, there are no ads in your iTunes radio.

As you can see, there are more options than ever before for keeping yourself entertained while driving. If you have a favorite station, share it with us and tell us why on our Facebook page!

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