Tips To Keeps Your RV Clean

With summer finally here, it’s the high season to get out in your RV and start seeing the world. While an RV is a great way to bring your home away from home on your travels, it’s considerably less fun to clean. Here are a few tips to keeping your RV on the clean side as you travel.

Helpful Tips to Keep the Camper Clean

Eat outside. Unless the weather is awful, take your meals outdoors and enjoy some fresh air while keeping crumbs out of your RV. Food waste in your RV will not only affect the smell, but it will draw pesky insects as well. Make it a habit to eat outdoors and in no time it will become second nature.

Vacuum. A small handheld vacuum is the ideal cleaning accessory for your RV. It enables you to keep your RV clean on the go and clean up messes as they happen. Most vacuums are inexpensive and do the work of a broom and dustpan in less time.

Dump when you can. If you have a chance to dump your black and gray water tanks, take advantage of it. The last thing you want on your trip is a full tank and nowhere near to dump it. Even if your tanks are low if you have the chance to empty them, take it.

Make a schedule. No one likes to hear the word ‘chores’, but if you’re taking a long trip, make a cleaning schedule you can stick to, so you aren’t left doing a lot of cleaning when messes pile up. Taking care of one small item a day is a lot easier.

Treat your RV like home. Just because you’re on vacation in your RV doesn’t mean you’re on vacation from your day-to-day habits. Just as you wouldn’t let dishes sit in the sink overnight at home (hopefully), you don’t want to lapse into that habit on the road. Your RV is your mobile home, so treat it with that same respect.

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