Transwest’s Vacation Checklist

Family Vacation Checklist - Road Trip When it’s time to head out and hit the open road, you want to make sure you’ve taken care of everything back at the homestead, so we’ve come up with this handy checklist for your vacation.




5 Things to do before Vacation

  1. Pets. The most important thing to take care of is the animal pal(s) you’re leaving behind. Make sure whoever is taking care of your animal knows all of the appropriate information, such as feeding instructions and vet info. Many stretches of highway are without cell service, and you don’t want your animal’s caretaker stumped and unable to contact you. If your pet takes a prescription medicine, make sure the appropriate amount is available to last through your trip.
  2. Plants. After pets, the other life you need to take care of is your plants. Take the person who is caring for them through your routine, and show them all the plants, so they don’t miss any of them.
  3. Mail. If you don’t have someone watching your residence, you can order a hold on your mail through the post office. The same goes for newspapers. Accumulated mail and newspapers is a clear sign that no one is home.
  4. Food. Make sure to clean out your fridge before you leave so you don’t return to a collection of Petri dishes full of science experiments.
  5. Security. Tell a trusted neighbor that you’re leaving on a trip, and if you have a housesitter staying, let them know so they don’t wonder who’s coming and going at your house. If no one is staying, you can use a light timer to turn lights on and off on a schedule. Additionally, have someone take care of your yard if you’ll be gone for a lengthy amount of time.

The more time you take to prepare your home for your absence the less you’ll worry about it once you’re out on your trip, so allow yourself the time to do it right.

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