Glossary of RV Terms

May 17, 2013

The world of recreational vehicles is a large one, with a vocabulary all its own. If you are new to this world some of these terms may be unfamiliar, so we thought we would define a few of them in this brief glossary of popular RV terms.

Hookups: Hookups are the connector to hook your RV up to electricity at a campsite. Hookups can also apply to water and sewer connections.

Honey Wagon: An unlikely name for the sewage pumping truck that serves some campsites.

Breakaway Switch:This is a safety mechanism for trailers so that in the event a trailer becomes accidentally disconnected from your vehicle, the brakes automatically engage.

Payload: The maximum weight rating for your RV, which includes people and cargo.

Pull Through: A convenient campsite designed so that you drive your RV in one end, and when you're leaving, you drive straight out the other.

Fifth Wheel: A type of trailer that is mounted on a special hitch over the bed of a pickup truck, distributing some weight onto the truck itself. Generally these are the largest trailers.

Toy Hauler: A large RV or trailer that has the capacity to carry small vehicles, like 3-wheeler ATVs or even small cars.

Gray Water: Wastewater from sinks and showers. Differs from sewage water, which is called Black Water.

Jake Brake: Also known as an exhaust brake, this aids heavy vehicles when decelerating by restricting exhaust flow.

These are just a few terms among many, and part of the fun of the RV experience is discovering these terms and meanings on your own adventures!