"Going RV" Meets The Luelf's at Transwest RV

June 20, 2018

It’s a beautiful thing when good people work with great people and as a result produce the culmination of what I’d like to call, a Transwest Masterpiece.  

It all started just under a year ago when the casting call was put out, the countrywide to audition for “Going RV!”.  We posted an open invitation to our fantastic family of Transwest Recreational Vehicles, knowing that you would have what it takes to make the call!

And you did not disappoint!  

But, as the fast-moving world of reality television goes….we didn’t hear much, and neither did you.  So we waited. We moved on. Fall came, and as we got closer to the holidays….and nearly into 2018, we finally heard from GAC that we had been selected as the RV Dealership in Kansas City, to be a part of “Going RV”!


Our story would center around the Luelf family.  We had first introduced them to you back in June, in our blog “Stage 4 Cancer Survivor!!!”  

Ryan & Caroline Luelf recently purchased this 2017 Newmar Canyon Star 3923 from us. Ryan is a Stage 4 Cancer survivor, and he is using this coach to travel around the country to speak about his experience with cancer and the triumph over the death sentence he overcame.  

These pictures are of him and his family in their new coach that they made their new home. One awesome addition they made to the coach is in the back storage area. This coach came with a "shed" for extra storage, and they made it into a room for their kids by adding bunk beds.”


Dwayne Pinnell, RV Salesman, at Transwest Truck Trailer RV took the time to walk them through their options.  At Transwest, it’s important to us, that our sales teams are extremely knowledgeable and well trained with the latest model information.  They’re gifted with the ability to hear each client’s needs and wants, and translating that to reveal to them the perfect vehicle for their need.


Dwayne took the time to listen to them, to understand their specific goal, and finally showed them the coach of their dreams.  There’s no experience like the shared experience, which is why we’re proud to announce to you the “Going RV” show date, this July 4th on GAC!!! (Check with your service provider for exact air times and recurring dates!)  

Thank you, Dwayne, for making the Transwest Team proud!!! And thank you to the Leulf family for trusting Transwest with your new vehicle purchase!  We welcome you all into the Transwest Family and look forward to seeing you from time to time as you pass through (and check-in for your routine vehicle maintenance!)