2020 Bay Star Sport Newmar

The Transwest Team
The Transwest Team
Apr 18, 2019
2020 Bay Star Sport Newmar

2020 Bay Star Sport – New Features and Product Changes

They heard you! Each time you did that awkward little shove of your hand between the nightstand and the bed to tuck in your sheets to make your bed, they heard that sigh.  And so 2020 Newmar Motorcoaches have just a little more space to help you out, in your gas coaches.

2019 Newmar floorplans otherwise were met with happiness! They’ve continued 5 of the floorplans and additionally are offering you one new floorplan in 2020.The 2702, 2813, 3008, 3014, and 3226 are carryover floor plans from 2019 to 2020.

The Bay Star Sport 3307 floor plan is not offered in 2020.


Bay Star Sport 2905:

The Salon

All the dreams you’ve been having about added space continue in your front living area.  In the salon of the coach, you can find opposing slide rooms. Your galley has plenty of room to maneuver with a coupled 74” sofa on the off door side.  Across the way, your opposite slide contains a patio side dinette booth with an LED television, easy to summon on a power lifted “televator”.

The Stateroom

Your bedroom is made for relaxation with a full 60” X 80” queen bed, equipt with a folding mattress that allows the bed to contract when the bedroom slide needs to be brought in, or you need a little leg room.

The Bathroom

Dreaming of privacy and luxury?  Adjacent from the foot of the bed is your private full bath with 38” X 26” shower, commode and luxurious corner vanity.

Bay Star Sport 3312:

The Bay Star Sport 3112 is a new double slide floor plan that gives you two mirrored sofas in a model that is only 31’ 11” in length.

The forward living space is enhanced with a slide room on the off door side that contains a 74” sofa and a very spacious and functional galley.

On the door side is a second, opposing 68” sofa with “televator”, and quaint and comfortable dinette facing the patio side of the motor home. The back of the dinette hides a roomy pantry.

Find your privacy with a pocked door hiding the front living area from the bedroom.  In the cabin, you’ll discover your wardrobe and a full 60” X 80” queen bed with a folding mattress that allows your bed to contract when your bedroom slide needs to be brought in.

Across from the foot of the bed is an enclosed full bath with 38” X 26” shower, commode and corner vanity.

Bay Star Sport 3315:

The Bay Star Sport 3315 is a new triple slide floor plan with a full wall slide on the off door side of the coach. This new model also offers an option for 27” X 72” bunk beds.

The front living area features a 74” sofa across from a dinette booth with the amazing, space saving “televator” in a slide room on the door side of the motor home.

This front portion of the 3315 also offers a functional kitchen on the off door side, with the refrigerator and pantry on the door side of the unit.

Mid-ship, on the off door side, is a large wardrobe with sliding mirrored doors, where an option for bunk beds is available.

Across from the standard wardrobe is a bath area with a 40” X 30” shower, vanity and linen. There is also a second linen storage area with drawers below, for handy storage in the event that bunk beds are selected.

The master bedroom features a 60” X 80” queen bed, shirt wardrobe and 32” television.


The Vizio brand televisions previously used in Newmar’s gas brands in 2019 have been upgraded to Samsung brand models for the 2020 model year.


Soft close mechanisms are a new standard feature on most drawers in the 2020 Bay Star Sport.

Pull out drawers underneath the standard booth dinette seats are standard in Bay Star Sport for 2020. This will make storing items underneath the dinette easier and improve accessibility.

A 4th wood grain finish has been added to Bay Star Sport for 2020 called “Arctic Maple Glaze”.


Two lights have been added underneath the overhead above the head of the bed in the 2020 Bay Star Sport.

A Xantrex 1200 watt pure sine wave inverter replaces the 1000 watt model previously used on the Bay Star Sport 3014 and 3226 models, which feature lift pumps requiring more power capacity. This new 1200 watt inverter has a built-in transfer relay and increased surge capacity.


The 2020 Bay Star Sport has new exterior paint graphics for 2020. Three exterior graphics (instead of only 2 offered previously) will be available for the 2020 model year on all Newmar gas products.

A gutter rail has been added at the top of the sidewall on both sides of the exterior of the Bay Star Sport.

Two-stage struts replace the adjustable strut brackets on top hinged baggage doors for 2020.


New decors, including a 3rd choice of interior fabrics, will be available on the 2020 Bay Star Sport.

These new interior décor packages will also feature new colors for the dash in the front cockpit area.

A new backsplash design will be a highlight inside the 2020 Bay Star Sport.


A new shower plumbing system, the same as used in the Bay Star, is being used in the 2020 Bay Star Sport.

A new kitchen faucet will be featured in the galley for 2020.


The patio awning includes LED strip lighting for 2020.


A new option (L285) for a dedicated 1200 watt inverter to power the electrical outlets in the bed base, nightstand and overhead cabinet in the bedroom is being offered. This option also includes one extra 110-volt receptacle inside the cabinet at the head of the bed located in the center of that cabinet, as well as pass-through ports in the bottom of the overhead cabinet at both sides of the bed. This option is specifically intended to accommodate customers’ requests for a way to more easily accommodate CPAP machines.

Option K347 will make a new euro-booth dinette available on Bay Star Sport for 2020.

The Bay Star Sport 3315, which is a new floor plan, will feature a standard wardrobe with a new option for fixed bunk beds (option #K075). This is reversed from what was offered in the 3307 bunk model offered in 2019.

Just note that, whenever any 2020 Bay Star Sport order calls for 2 or more options that require additional dedicated inverters, the multiple optional inverters will be replaced with a single 2000 watt inverter with six 6 volt batteries to power all of the selected options. This will not be visible on the order forms, and nothing changes with regard to descriptions of the individual options on the order forms. This is simply an electrical configuration that will be defaulted to whenever 2 order more options with dedicated inverters are called for on an individual ordered Bay Star Sport.

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