A Glossary Of RV Terms

The Transwest Team
The Transwest Team
Nov 21, 2013
A Glossary Of RV Terms

When you buy an RV, you aren’t just getting a new vehicle, you’re entering a new world entirely, a subculture unto its own. And like any subculture, the world of RV owners has its own lingo, which could seem strange to the new and uninitiated. To help ease your transition into this new world, here’s a glossary of some common terms from the RV lifestyle.

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Snowbird: A snowbird is someone who has a non-mobile home in an area that experiences cold winters, who in turn spends those cold winters in warmer climes. Snowbirds are often retirees or independently wealthy, so they can afford to spend half the year away from home base.

Fulltimer: If a snowbird is someone who lives in the RV for the winter, a full-timer is someone who makes the leap to living in their RV entirely. Full-timers can be retired, self-employed, independently wealthy, or just adventurous people who want the option to take their home wherever their whims lead them.

Part-timer: If someone lives in their RV for several months of the year (usually less than five) and that time is not attached to seasonal movement, they are a part-timer.

Workamper: Workamping is when an RV owner works at an RV campground in exchange for a free space, utilities, and other perks. Workamping is often used by full-timers to fund their nomadic lifestyle. If someone is volunteering at an RV campsite, they are a WorkCamper, which can lead to some confusion between the two terms.

Dry Camping: Also known as boondocking, dry camping is when you take your RV off the grid, without any hookups like water, power, and sewage. Dry camping is not sustainable for a long period of time, as you do need to replenish water and dump your sewage tank.

Whatever your interest in owning an RV is, there is a lifestyle for you, from casual recreation to an entirely new life out on the road. If you are interested in RV ownership, please browse our site, or contact us today!


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