Going RV: Open Casting

The Transwest Team
The Transwest Team
Jul 11, 2017
Going RV: Open Casting

Did you recently purchase a 2017/2018 model RV from Transwest?


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Have you ever wanted to be on TV? Do you love the RV lifestyle?  Did you buy an RV from Transwest RV?  We bet you have a great story and you want to share it and  we want you to share it too! Remember the Wynns from Season 1? The Wynns wanted a new adventure so they bought an RV to live in for 2 years and travel the country.  And, now they are traveling the world in a Sailboat they live on. You can follow their adventure blog at www.gonewiththewynns.com.

Going RV Season 6 is looking for RV enthusiasts just like you!!  We want to help you and your family shine and be cast for Season 6!!


Imagine you and your family, trekking across the United States, sharing your best camping spots, travel stories, and adventures!!

Fame is yours for the taking!!

Going RV is requesting that you fill out a short questionnaire!!

Transwest RV is asking that you don’t forget to mention our great team as the team that sold you your best RV ever!!  (We like those happy sales team stories, too!)

Check out previous seasons of Going RV https://www.greatamericancountry.com/shows/going-rv/episodes

This show is all about showing everyone what the RV buying experience is all about. Every person has a story as to why they are wanting to purchase an RV. Whether it be a new adventure, a new home, a tour bus, or traveling office space. The show producers will go through three different RV’s or travel trailers and talk about what they do and do not like about it based off what they are looking for.

This show is great for people who love RV’s or are looking to purchase an RV. There are several different makes, models, sizes, and floor plans, so many that it can make your head spin. Watching this show gives you real-world perspective on what will and will not work, so you can better decide which options are best for your family!

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