Organizations For RV Owners

The Transwest Team
The Transwest Team
Nov 12, 2013
Organizations For RV Owners

When you enter the world of RV ownership, you’ll see that it’s a microcosm of vacation culture. RV owners have their own language, customs, parks, and even clubs. Here’s a closer look at some exclusive RV clubs, as well as some other useful clubs for RV owners.

Recreational Vehicle Owners Organizations

Good Sam Club The Good Sam Club is an international club for RV owners, wherein members pay a fee in return for the perks of membership. In addition to discounts at participating parks, members can obtain extended warranties, RV insurance, and roadside assistance. The great thing about the Good Sam club is that unlike some auto clubs, Good Sam is entirely about RVs. They even have an app to show you the most RV-friendly routes across the U.S.

Family Motor Coach Association The FMCA is another great resource for RV owners, particularly when it comes to exchanging information about all things RV. There’s a $50 membership fee, which gets you discounts at participating campgrounds, deals on RV insurance, and the FMCA magazine, among other perks.

AAA The American Automobile Association is perhaps the #1 non-profit roadside service organization. In addition to covering automobiles and motorcycles, AAA also offers RV options, should you break down in the middle of nowhere. Membership lands you deals on participating RV parks, hotels, car rental companies, and more.

There are other smaller, niche clubs out there as well if you’re looking for something more specific. In next week’s blog we’ll look closer at RV terminology, but in the meantime if you’re curious about RV ownership, or if you’re looking to upgrade from your current rig, please contact us today!



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