Our Pre-Delivery Inspection Means Quality Vehicles For You

The Transwest Team
The Transwest Team
May 03, 2019
Our Pre-Delivery Inspection Means Quality Vehicles For You

What’s in a quality pre-owned recreational vehicle?

Have you ever considered that not all recreational vehicle dealerships sell RVs the same?  In fact, most dealerships don’t see the value of the Pre-delivery Inspection.

When making the investment in a motorcoach, you assuredly want a vehicle that isn’t just functional, but also maintains aesthetics so our team looks for scratches and gouges in the dash vinyl.  

There are dealerships that turn the vehicle around without a pre-delivery inspection delivering units to you with unknown potential problems, both stemming from new and pre-owned units.

So, Why is a Transwest Used RV different?

At Transwest, we feel the time we have with the vehicle before you buy it is one of the most important times at the dealership.  The time that we take to meticulously inspect and evaluate the coach is the time that offers us the chance to understand and repair anything that may have been missed or hidden.  

We start our Pre Delivery Inspection with the exterior chassis, checking tires and lug nuts, all your latches and compartments.  We check your engine’s fluids and oil, your batteries, and lines. Our team will test each unit to be sure that the paint and diamond shield are well maintained and that each of the lockable compartments responds to their corresponding key fob.

There’s nothing worse than taking a new (or preowned) motorhome out on your first adventure only to find out that the roof hasn’t been properly sealed or that your slide outs don’t actually slide, so we check that for you and make repairs as needed.  

Let’s say you’re at the campground and you’re ready to relax.  It’s a little bright, so you reach for the awning switch, but it doesn’t respond.   That’s a horrible feeling, so we check that the remote and the wind sensor too.

You probably want the flexibility of entering and exiting the coach via code, the keys or the key FOB.  We have you covered there too. There are 34 points to our Chassis/Exterior Checklist.


Our PDI Process includes:

Test Drive:

  • No excessive rattles

Slide Outs:

  • Operates Properly


  • Display lights
  • Dash Heater
  • Back-Up Alarm
  • Remote Mirror Control Operation
  • Rear View Camera Operation
  • USB Outlet Operation

Seat Operation:

  • Driver’s Seat
  • Passenger Seat


  • Cabinet Door Align/Operation
  • Table/Post Operation
  • Rear Seat/Bed Operation
  • Drawers open/Close/lock
  • Shades Operate as Designated


  • CO Detector
    • New Battery
    • Test Operation
  • Smoke Detector
    • New Battery
    • Test Operation
  • LP Detector
    • New Battery
    • Test Operation
  • Fire Extinguisher
    • Charge
  • Test Dates

-Initial Exterior/Interior Inspection

– No Body Damage or Scratches

– No Loose Body Panels

– No Damage to Interior Panels

– No Damage to Interior Cabinetry

– No Stains on Fabrics

– All Cushions Present

Door Operation (all):

  • 2nd Set of Keys
  • Lube (moves easily)
  • Gaskets (condition & secure)
  • Open & Close Normal
  • Latches & Locks Function Properly


  • Operation
  • Lube (moves easily)
  • Latches Tight & Secure
  • Screens Secure

Entry Step:

  • Extends/REtracts – Lube
  • Lock Extended Switch Function
  • Ignition Override

Awnings: 1/2/3/4

  • Operation
  • Condition
  • Clean


LP System

Manometer | Start | Stop | Time

  • LP Tanks
  • LP REgulator

Lavatory Operation


  • Water Pressure
  • No Fixture Leaks
  • No Base/Door Leaks
  • Shower Door Open/Close
  • Shower Wall Extension

Exhaust Fan 


  • No Leaks
  • Operates as Designed


  • All Interior Lights Function
  • Fantastic Fan(s) Operation
  • Vent(s) Operation
  • Electrical Receptacles Test
  • Inverter Receptacles Test
  • 12v Fuses
  • 110v Breakers Check
  • GFI Test
  • Shore Cord
  • Exterior 110v Outlet
  • Batteries – Coach
    • Battery Test
    • Voltage Check
    • Battery Disconnect

Appliance Check

  • Roof AC Operation
    • Unit 1-3
    • Cool
    • Heat
    • Fan


-Burn off


Entertainment System

  • TV Front
    • Signal Antenna
    • Signal Satellite/Cable
    • DVD/Blu-Ray Player
    • Signal Booster
  • TV Rear
    • Signal Antenna
    • Signal Satellite/Cable
    • DVD/Blu-Ray Player
    • Signal Booster
  • TV Outside
    • Signal Antenna
    • Signal Satellite/Cable
    • DVD/Blu-Ray Player
    • Signal Booster
  • Radio
    • Operation
    • Bluetooth Connectivity


  • Output Voltage
  • Inverter Operation

Solar Panel

  • Operation
  • Output Voltage


  • Fresh Water System
    • Pressurize
    • No leaks Confirmed
    • Low Point Drain Valves
      • Galley Faucet Operation
      • Lavatory Faucet Operation
      • Exterior Faucet Operation
      • City Water Fill
      • Water Filter
      • Shower Operation
  • Water Pump
    • No Excessive Noise
    • On/Off Switch Operation
    • Filter Clean
  • Fresh Water Tank
    • Fills Completely

Cook Top/Oven

  • Operate Burners
  • Light Oven Pilot
  • Oven Tem +/-


  • Operator (20 min under load)
  • Confirm Output Voltage
  • Fluids

Microwave/Convection Oven

  • Operation
  • Display


  • Ice Maker Operation
  • Operation 110v
  • Operation Propane
  • Assembly Refer


  • Operation

Heated Floor

  • Operation/Thermal Camera


  • Operation

Water Heater

  • Operation
  • No leaks
  • Tank Monitor Display Reads Correct
    • Full
    • ¾
    • ½
    • ¼
    • Empty
  • Tank Heat
  • Gravity Fill
  • Drain Valve

Grey Water Tank

  • Fill Completely
  • No Leaks
  • Tank Monitor Display Reads Correct
    • Full
    • ¾
    • ½
    • ¼
    • Empty

Black Water Tank

  • Fill Completely
  • No Leaks
  • Tank Monitor Display Reads Correct
    • Full
    • ¾
    • ½
    • ¼
    • Empty
  • Tank Heat
  • Drain Valve
  • Macerator System




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