Satellite TV In An RV: Is It Worth It?

The Transwest Team
The Transwest Team
Oct 18, 2013
Satellite TV In An RV: Is It Worth It?

If you’ve visited any RV park, you’ve seen satellite dishes propped up out on the grass, or up on the roof. Of course, people love the comfort of television, so bringing it along on the road does make sense. But with today’s technology, is it really worth it?

The Best Options for Recreational Vehicle Televisions

First off, let’s look at the numerous other options. The first choice is abstaining from television altogether, in any form. This frees you up from both the cost and logistics of television and might encourage some boards games, reading, and conversation. A great choice for some people, but maybe not for everyone.

The next option is having a television, but simply using it with a DVD or Blu-Ray player to watch content that way. This is a less expensive, reliable way to watch television, but you are limited to the content you bring along on disc unless your Blu-Ray player is ‘smart’ and has built-in wifi capabilities and apps.

If you want access to a wide variety of content, you could also look into streaming content options, such as AppleTV or Roku. These tiny boxes use wireless internet to provide access to applications like Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, and HBO Go, among others. More and more of today’s RV parks provide wifi, but this method would require a strong, reliable signal, which can be iffy. Of course, there is always the option to bring along the internet, with a mobile hotspot.

If you want the experience of television as it is at home, with the widest range of channels and live networks, then satellite television is still the best bet. Of course, satellite television is also prone to dead spots and blackouts, but it’s generally the best way for TV fanatics to get their fix.

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