Take Your RV Out This Fall

The Transwest Team
The Transwest Team
Feb 15, 2013
Take Your RV Out This Fall

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you necessarily have to put the RV in storage. Here are five national parks that are beautiful any time of year.

Great Fall Roadtrips through…

Joshua Tree National Park. Located inland in southern California, Joshua Tree is a beautiful desert park, named after the unique squiggly trees that are found everywhere. There are also bighorn sheep, bats, lizards, snakes, and tortoises. If you’re into climbing, Joshua Tree has more than 400 rock climbing formations with over 8,000 climbing routes!

Arches National Park. Named after, you guessed it, some 2,000 sandstone arches found inside, this park in eastern Utah is full of natural wonders. In addition to arches, the red rock formations also include spires, balancing boulders, and fins.

Redwood National Park. Drive up north in California and you’ll find a forest, unlike anything you’ve seen or imagined. Trees so large people have cut holes for cars to drive through, and trees with houses built inside! The redwood forest is truly spectacular, and it’s not just the giant trees that are worth the trip. There are also 40 miles of misty coastline cliffs to explore.

Everglades National Park. The largest subtropical wilderness in the U.S, the Everglades is also home to more than 50 types of reptiles. It’s also the only place you can see both an American crocodile and alligator coexisting. Just don’t forget to pack the bug spray!

Great Smoky Mountains National Park. America’s most visited national park, and for a reason: it’s an international biosphere reserve. The Great Smoky Mountains have the most biological diversity of any area in the world’s temperate zone. In addition to all the wildlife, if you’re fortunate you can be there when the dense forests begin to change color and then you’ll really see a show.


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